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Blessed Marina Of Spoleto


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Feast Day: June 18

Blessed Marina of Spoleto, also known as Vallarina Petruccini, was a devout member of the Canonesses Regular of Saint Augustine, dedicating her life to prayer and a strict observance of the Augustinian rule. Born in the early 13th century in Spoleto, Italy, Marina grew up in a devout Catholic family.
At an early age, Marina felt a strong calling to religious life and joined the Canonesses Regular of Saint Augustine, taking the name Marina in honor of Mary, Star of the Sea. With a deep desire to deepen her relationship with God, she sought a life of contemplation and prayer, finding solace and guidance in the teachings of Saint Augustine.
In 1265, Marina founded the monastery of San Matteo, a house dedicated to the rigorous observance of the Augustinian rule. As the founder, Marina played a central role in the establishment and development of the monastery, nurturing a community of women committed to a life of spiritual growth and service to others. Under her guidance, the monastery became a haven for those seeking solace, refuge, and spiritual guidance.
Throughout her life, Marina lived a humble and selfless existence, fully embracing the Augustinian ideals of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Her deep devotion to prayer and contemplation allowed her to experience a profound intimacy with God, and she was renowned for her wisdom and spiritual insight. Many sought her counsel and guidance, recognizing her sanctity and holiness.
Blessed Marina passed away on June 18, 1300, leaving behind a legacy of faith and devotion. Her incorrupt body, a sign of her sanctity, was discovered when her relics were translated in 1471, 1548, and 1639. This miraculous preservation of her physical remains served as a testament to her holiness and the powerful impact she had on those around her.
Although no official representation is assigned to Blessed Marina, she is often depicted in religious artwork as a humble nun, clad in the traditional habit of the Canonesses Regular of Saint Augustine.
Although Marina has not been officially venerated or beatified by the Catholic Church, her devout life, unwavering faith, and numerous miracles attributed to her intercession have garnered a devoted following of believers who honor her as a blessed soul and seek her prayerful intercession.
Blessed Marina of Spoleto is celebrated and remembered on June 18th each year, the day of her death, as a model of piety and dedication to a life of prayer, contemplation, and service. Her life serves as an inspiration to all, encouraging us to deepen our faith, seek holiness, and live a life of selfless devotion to God and others.