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Blessed Jean De Bracq


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Feast Day: June 11

Blessed Jean De Bracq, also known as Jean de Bracq, was born in 1488 in France. From a young age, he displayed a remarkable piety and intellect. He entered the Premonstratensian Order and became a monk at the Premonstratensian monastery in Vicogne, France.
Jean’s dedication and devotion to his religious vocation were evident, and he was subsequently ordained as a canon of the Premonstratensian monastery in Vicogne. His commitment to the monastic life and his exemplary conduct led to him being chosen as the abbot of his house in 1513.
As abbot, Jean De Bracq undertook the task of refurbishing the monastery, ensuring that it remained a place of spiritual nourishment and solace for all who sought its shelter. Despite his responsibilities as the abbot, he led a life of fervent prayer, spending his nights in contemplation and supplication.
Blessed Jean De Bracq was renowned for his acts of charity and his unwavering dedication to the well-being of the poor in the surrounding areas. He tirelessly provided aid and assistance to those in need, embodying the virtues of kindness and compassion.
His wisdom and spiritual insight gained him recognition and esteem, leading to his appointment as an advisor and confessor to Emperor Charles V. Jean De Bracq selflessly used his position to guide and counsel the emperor in matters of faith, providing invaluable support and encouraging him to rule with justice and mercy.
Within the monastic community, Jean De Bracq was a source of inspiration and guidance. His 37 years of devoted service as the abbot of the monastery left an indelible mark on the hearts and souls of those under his care. He fostered an environment of spiritual growth and encouraged his fellow monks to embrace a life of prayer, study, and service.
Despite his many accomplishments and the respect he garnered, Blessed Jean De Bracq remained steadfastly humble and committed to his monastic calling. When offered the bishopric of Arras, France, he chose to decline the prestigious position as it would have required him to leave the monastic life that he loved and treasured.
Blessed Jean De Bracq passed away in northern France in 1550, succumbing to natural causes. His legacy of faith, charity, and devotion endures, inspiring generations to live lives of holiness and virtue. Although not officially venerated or beatified, his life stands as a testament to the beauty and power of a life dedicated to serving God and others.