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Blessed Faustino Villanueva Y Villanueva


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Feast Day: July 10

Birth: February 15, 1931
Death: July 10, 1980
Blessed Faustino Villanueva Y Villanueva, born on 15 February 1931 in Yesa, Navarra, Spain, was a dedicated member of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. He made his initial commitment to the order on 8 September 1949 and took his perpetual profession in 1952. After years of rigorous studies and spiritual preparation, Faustino was ordained as a priest on 25 February 1956.
Father Faustino's profound knowledge and deep faith led him to serve as a teacher in his seminary. His dedication to nurturing young men in their formation towards priesthood was recognized, and he was appointed as the novice master, guiding and mentoring aspiring priests. His time in this role allowed him to instill in others the same qualities of piety and devotion that he exemplified.
In 1959, Father Faustino embarked on a missionary journey to Guatemala, where he would spend the next 21 years of his life. He selflessly served in several parishes, tirelessly ministering to the spiritual needs of the people. His compassionate nature and unwavering commitment to his vocation endeared him to the community, and he became a beloved figure among the Guatemalan faithful.
Tragically, Father Faustino's life was cut short on 10 July 1980 when he became a martyr for his faith. In the face of great danger and persecution, he fearlessly stood up against the injustices and violence that plagued the region at the time. His unwavering dedication to his flock and his refusal to abandon them in their time of need ultimately led to his martyrdom in Joyabaj, Quiché, Guatemala.
As a testament to his extraordinary life of service and sacrifice, Father Faustino was venerated on 23 January 2020 by Pope Francis, who issued a decree recognizing his martyrdom. The beatification of Blessed Faustino Villanueva Y Villanueva followed on 23 April 2021, with a special ceremony held in Santa Cruz del Quiché, Guatemala. This recognition was an acknowledgment of his exceptional holiness and a celebration of his inspiring example.
Blessed Faustino Villanueva Y Villanueva's life continues to inspire many with his unwavering faith, selfless devotion, and courageous witness. He exemplified the true heart of a missionary and a shepherd, dedicating his life to serving others and advancing the Kingdom of God.