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Blessed Cadwgan Of Bangor


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Feast Day: June 18

Death: April 11, 1241
Blessed Cadwgan Of Bangor, also known as Cadwgan of Llandyfai, Cadogan, Cadogano, Caducano, Caducanus, and Martin Cardogan, was a Benedictine Cistercian monk and an influential figure in the early 13th century in Wales.
Cadwgan was born in the 12th century in England. Inspired by his deep devotion to God, he joined the Benedictine Cistercian Order and entered the Whitland monastery in Wales, where he dedicated himself to a life of prayer, study, and service to the community.
His pious and learned nature quickly earned him recognition, and he was appointed as the abbot of Whitland monastery, demonstrating exemplary leadership qualities. During his time as the abbot, Cadwgan fostered spiritual growth and encouraged the pursuit of knowledge among the monks under his care.
In a pivotal moment in his life, on 12 June 1215, Cadwgan was chosen to be the bishop of Bangor, Gwynedd, in modern Wales. As the bishop of Bangor, he dedicated himself to the spiritual well-being of his flock, serving with unwavering dedication and selflessness. His compassionate nature and wise counsel made him beloved among the people of Bangor and beyond.
During his tenure as bishop, Cadwgan's profound knowledge and deep spirituality led him to write several significant works. Among these were the Speculum Christianorum, a theological treatise that provided guidance to the faithful, and a compilation of homilies, which offered valuable insights into Christian teachings.
After serving as the bishop of Bangor for over 20 years, Cadwgan made the decision to step down from his position in the episcopate on 1 March 1236. His desire was to retire from public life and embrace a more contemplative existence as a Cistercian monk. He found solace and tranquility in the Dore monastery located in Herefordshire, England.
In the peaceful seclusion of the monastery, Cadwgan continued to deepen his relationship with God, devoting his time to study, meditation, and prayer. His humble and disciplined way of life set an example for all those around him, inspiring others to draw nearer to God.
Blessed Cadwgan Of Bangor was recognized for his saintly life and contributions to the Christian community. Although he is not explicitly venerated or beatified, his legacy and impact have left a lasting impression on those who have come to know him through his writings and through the oral traditions passed down through the centuries.
Blessed Cadwgan Of Bangor passed away on 11 April 1241, having lived a long and fruitful life. He died of natural causes, surrounded by his fellow Cistercian monks who had come to deeply admire and respect him.
His feast day is commemorated by the Cistercians on 18 June, while some calendars also honor him on 20 January or 17 June. These feast days serve as an opportunity for the faithful to remember and seek the intercession of Blessed Cadwgan Of Bangor, whose life and teachings continue to inspire and guide Christians to this day.