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Blessed Alexandrina Di Letto


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Feast Day: April 3

Birth: January 1, 1385
Blessed Alexandrina Di Letto was born in 1385 in Sulmona, Italy. At the young age of 15, she made the life-changing decision to join the Poor Clares, a contemplative order of nuns. Her profound dedication to God, coupled with her natural leadership abilities, led her to become the founder and first abbess of a Poor Clare convent in Foligno, Italy in 1423.
Blessed Alexandrina Di Letto was a woman of immense spiritual strength and an ardent follower of Franciscan spirituality. She was known for her unwavering commitment to living a life of poverty, humility, and prayer. Her reforms within the convent were aimed at reviving and deepening the Franciscan ideals among the sisters, inspiring them to embrace radical poverty and to seek the imitation of Christ in all aspects of their lives.
It is said that Blessed Alexandrina had a profound effect on the spiritual lives of those around her, as well as on the wider community. Her teachings and example were known to have touched the hearts of many, leading them to a deeper understanding of their faith and a more fervent dedication to a life of holiness.
Blessed Alexandrina Di Letto's spiritual journey and contemplative life were not without challenges. However, she faced these trials with immense courage and unwavering trust in God's providence. Her personal experiences cultivated within her a profound sense of empathy and compassion, enabling her to provide wise guidance to those seeking solace and spiritual direction.
Blessed Alexandrina also enjoyed the support and admiration of Pope Martin V, who recognized her spiritual insight and the positive impact of her reforms. His endorsement validated the importance of her work and ensured the continuance of her mission.
After a life dedicated to prayer, contemplation, and serving her community, Blessed Alexandrina passed away in 1458 of natural causes. Though her name may be relatively unknown to many, her spiritual legacy lives on.
While there is limited information available regarding her veneration and beatification status, the impact of Blessed Alexandrina Di Letto's life continues to inspire and encourage individuals seeking a deeper connection with their faith. Her commitment to poverty, humility, and a life of prayer reminds us of the profound wisdom that can manifest in even the humblest of lives, and her reforms within the Poor Clare order served to preserve and renew the Franciscan spirituality for future generations.
Her feast day is celebrated on the 3rd of April each year, allowing the faithful to honor her memory and seek her intercession in their own spiritual journeys. Despite the lack of formal recognition with the titles of Venerable or Blessed, her influence and the spiritual footprint she left behind cannot be denied. Blessed Alexandrina Di Letto is a shining example of a life dedicated entirely to God and a testament to the enduring power of faith.