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Saint for a Minute is a comprehensive resource dedicated to Catholic Saints and Blesseds. With a database of over 7,900 Saints and 4,300 Blesseds, our mission is to inspire everyone to live saint-like lives, embodying virtues of faith, hope, and love.

We are all called to be saints, and anyone can strive to emulate the virtues of the Saints. Saint for a Minute offers an opportunity to explore the lives of remarkable individuals who have walked the path of faith and holiness. Whether you are a devout Catholic or simply curious about the exemplary lives of the Saints, this platform is here to guide you.

Today's Highlighted Saints and Blesseds

Saint Agnes of Montepulciano, Saint Theodore Trichinas, Saint Margaret of Amelia, Saint Secundinus of Córdoba, Saint Marcian of Auxerre, Saint Vincent of Digne, Saint Caedwalla of Wessex, Blessed James Bell, Blessed John Finch, Blessed Gerald Of Salles, Blessed Michel Coquelet, Blessed Anastazy Jakub Pankiewicz, Blessed John Of Gracedieu, and Blessed Francis Page. These individuals, through their extraordinary lives of faith and devotion, continue to inspire Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

Explore the Lives of Catholic Saints

From martyrs and apostles to mystics and theologians, the rich heritage of Catholic saints offers profound insights and spiritual guidance. Explore our database and discover the saints who resonate with you. Join us on a journey towards saint-like living.